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Transport and Med Care

Salus and our partners OptimuMedicine | OptimumAIR, provide medical transport and care services for diasters and planned, both CONUS and OCONUS. Some of these capabilities include:

Ground Ambulance Service

Critical care ambulances including RNs, CCT paramedics, APRNs, MDs, EMTs. Each ambulance includes ventilators, cardiac monitors, and medication infusion pumps, and ICU level medications and supplies.

Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Service

Medically-configured airplanes available across North America or anywhere in the world.

Mobile Clinics

Complete with bathrooms, exam rooms, Xray devices, ultrasound, and lab capabilities. These clinics are staffed with RNs, paramedics, EMTs, APRNs, PAs, and Physicians. The mobile clinics also have tables, tents, chairs, medications and peripheral supplies to stand-alone as Urgent/Emergency Room facilities.

Special Equipment

Including balloon pumps, ECMO devices, neonate transports, and negative pressure isolation pods for use in the event of a biological emergency.

Support Services

24/7 Dispatch center able to provide necessary communications equipment, support vehicles, and other logistical support for onsite and remote operations.

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