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We manage

real world events...

...that others have only read about.

Collecting decades of success into one organization, we are a diverse team of US and foreign, current and former executives, specialists and operators from private companies, local, state, and federal agencies, and the military.

Our staff come from senior levels of DOD, DHS, DOJ, foreign intelligence, airports, public safety, universities, and private companies engaged in critical infrastructure and security.

We manage preparation, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation for complex planned and unplanned events.

We manage operations, conduct program assessments, and provide research and subject matter expertise.

Customer Comments

Customer Comments

"Salus cadre and intel unit saved our bacon. That was NOT an easy ask in this environment."

"Everywhere in the World, we don't know how you do it, but we're glad you do.  This mission was flawless, we appreciate you lads more than you know."

"During this high-profile situation, the clients as well as I, are blessed for Salus' continued trust and confidence in us!"

"Salus brought structure, process, professionalism, and maturity to this out-of-control project. Love you guys!"

"Salus has been making us look good for a year and a half.  You guys are super easy to work with, highly qualified, extremely professional, and we can always count on you, even when we can't count on our own people.  I will always recommend Salus for any project and any mission. Thank you for your service."

"If we didn't have Salus on-site, this operation would be dead."

"No matter the country, your ability to respond and manage any type of incident has my total confidence. Your teams are the best I've worked with, most impressed."

"My job has been so easy with you on our team. You have nailed every deliverable with perfection, I can't thank you enough."

"So thankful we have Salus on this project. I really appreciate them. They are very professional, hardworking, reliable, and kind!"

​"Salus developed the most accurate, insightful and intelligent - but simple concept and approach to addressing mental health and it's effects on operations."

"You guys go everywhere, do everything, and do it better than everyone else, thank you!"

"Salus is the most reliable and most fun company to work with. That's why everyone wants Salus."

"Salus designed and conducted the best training and exercise that we've ever had"

"You have never told me no, you always tell me yes."

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