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THIRA Assessments

A threat and hazard identification, and risk assessment (THIRA) is a comprehensive approach that is compliant with the standards of DHS, DOD, and DOJ. Our assessments align with Federal THIRA standards and is specifically tailored for your organizational needs and culture. Our intelligence officers are in-country and coordinate closely with local stakeholders to capture the unique needs of each facility’s capability to prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from incidents.

Assessing multiple aspects of an organization, we identify the core-capabilities required to maintain operations. We prepare assessment reports with gap analysis and recommendations for each facility, and we provide practical recommendations for the organization to implement and maintain.

Because the THIRA process encompasses the most current thinking and standards for security and risk management, our assessments follow and are compliant with a six-step process. This is the same process used by all Federal departments and agencies around the world.

Note: THIRA assessments support a building block approach to reducing your organization’s exposures and to improve your ability to prepare, protect, respond, recovery, and mitigate. THIRA assessments can be provided by our Threat Hub program.

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