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Security Assessments

Salus conducts physical security assessments and develops programs to protect assets from threats that cause loss or damages and affect operations. Assets include personnel, property, information, and branding.

Threats include any event such as fire, natural disasters, insider threats, criminal acts, and terrorism that can harm an asset. Maintaining a strong physical security posture is an ongoing process that involves a continual assessment of new assets and changing threats.

Our security assessments provide you with an in-depth report that outlines our findings, provides specific recommendations and an improvement plan for your facility.

Salus can then oversee the implementation of these improvements, provide training, and on-going monitoring and reporting as necessary.

Our assessments can also assist with compliance such as indexing and recurring Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA) and either the Site Security Plan (SSP) or the Alternative Security Program (ASP).

Note: Security assessments are a component of the larger threat and hazard identification, and risk assessment (THIRA) assessments as provided by our Threat Hub program..

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