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Insider Threat

Insider threats are individuals who hold privileged access to sensitive areas or information. They intentionally or unwittingly misuse or allow others to misuse this access, to exploit vulnerabilities that compromise security and facilitate criminal activity, possibly leading to acts of terrorism and other illicit actions that inflict harm on people, an organization, the public, or the nation.

Our insider threat preparedness program complies with the framework developed by the Department of Homeland Security. At the completion of our program, you will be prepared to recognize the potential warning signs of a possible insider threat. We will also work with you to create a positive culture of reporting, to build an insider threat team, to establish published behavior norms, and to identify your vulnerabilities.

Salus Solutions is a unique team of researchers and operators from the FBI, TSA, ATF, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Israeli Special Police, the Federal Air Marshal Services, SWAT, CIA, Coast Guard, Delta Force, and are augmented by psychological behavior specialists.

Our background is research and operations in domestic and international threats, terrorism, detection, deterrence, lone-actor insider threat, and complex coordinated attacks. Our expertise leads to mitigation, preparedness, protection, response, and recovery capabilities. We have developed guidance, policy, and training programs for use at the national and international level.

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