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Crisis Communications

The key is to create a defined process for you and your partners. This process includes a plan, training and exercise, a common operating picture, a standardized information-sharing processes and communication platforms.

Salus has the best teams in the country in crisis communications for all types of organizations. Working for airports, emergency management, law enforcement agencies, cities, energy providers, pharmaceuticals and private industry, we have led crisis communications for every type of event to include major disasters for the US Government, active shooter incidents, hostage negotiations, and foreign government liaison.

We work with you and your stakeholders to create your plan, train and exercise that plan, and to develop and implement common operating pictures.

Salus can also provide light flexible teams that can be deployed quickly. Our teams can provide response and support to government and private industry alike by providing public affairs officers with analysis and messaging to stay in front of an incident. Our teams can also provide satellite, radio, telephone, data, and equipment to address emergency communication needs.

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