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Airport OPS

For disaster response or regular operations, Salus' team of professionals manage all aspects of civilian and military airport operations and administration.

Our team manages large dynamic airports, including terminal ground handling services with PAX terminals, transportation, vehicle maintenance, flight line operations, air terminal operations centers, commercial airline services, facilities maintenance, equipment, vehicles, traffic management, security, safety, fuels, munitions, supply, medical, finance, management of information systems, QA/QC, and HR for blended civilian contract and military personnel.

Whether it's in Rota, Okinawa, and Bogotá, to Muscat, Kuwait, Doha, LaPaz, or CONUS, the airports our team operate are large complex operations. One examle is an airport in southern Europe that averages over 3,800 US and NATO flights, as many commercial flights, and over 850,00 tons of cargo annually. The aircaft in these airports include C5, C17, C130, C40, C-26, 737, 747, 767, 380, An-225, helos, and more.

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