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Active Shooter

An active shooter incident is any situation where one or more individuals are actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated and confined area.

Salus provides response and recovery, protection, and mitigation and preparedness to local governments and private organizations. We help you recognize the potential warning signs of a possible incident, and you will know what actions to take during an incident and how to recover your business after an incident occurs.

The experience of our Salus Solutions team represents the current state of knowledge and research in dealing with active shooter and complex, coordinated attacks. Our team comprises of nationally recognized researchers and practitioners from Homeland Security, Federal Air Marshals, CIA, Coast Guard, Delta Force, Universities, SWAT, Emergency Management, and foreign defense organizations.

We have taken our real-world experience and developed the latest materials for mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery from active shooter events. The Salus Solutions developed materials are used by the US and other governments for responding to attacks. We have conducted research and developed procedures and strategies for some of the best-known planning efforts in recent history.

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