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Bradley Amstutz

Senior Program Director

Captain Amstutz has 30+ years of leadership and experience as Senior Advisor within Salus command, operations, research and planning, and with the Raleigh Police SWAT Operations, patrol, field training, investigative, community policing, and critical incident teams.

In Special Operations, he led the stakeholder engagement and planning for response at airports, bus and train operations, for facilities such as nuclear power plants, schools, and universities, and for public venues such as federal buildings, and colosseums. As a subject matter expert, he has led the planning, training, response and recovery for airport emergencies. And, he has been instrumental in conducting research and developing nationwide guidance for the FAA, and the training of airport staff. He also led the administration, and operational and tactical command of all Special Operations officers to include, Selective Enforcement Teams (SWAT), Gang Suppression, and provided direct supervision of 42 sworn special operations staff.

As SWAT Commander he worked closely with U.S. Secret Service to coordinate logistics and augment protection to visiting dignitaries, including United States Presidential and Vice-Presidential visits, and Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. He supervised law enforcement patrols in Downtown Charlotte during Democratic National Convention and directed and coordinated SWAT Team protective activities for high-profile public events, including NHL Stanley Cup Finals 2002 and 2006, NHL All Star game 2011, NHL Playoffs and Eastern Conference Finals 2019, and Governor of NC Inauguration 2001 and 2013.

As Captain of Detective Division, he was responsible for coordinating follow-up investigations, initiating investigations involving vice, drugs, organized crime, financial crime, and other criminal activity. Position involves the direct supervision of 90 + sworn officers, detectives, supervisors, and civilians.

Captain Amstutz was the Training Coordinator for 400+ officers in Crisis Intervention Training, and 1000+ civilian employees in Mental Health First Aid.


Bradley Amstutz
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