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Mario 'Marty' Reyes

Senior Program Director

Mr. Reyes is a senior program director of airports for multiple logistics, maintenance, base support operations, sales, and supply chain fields. He is a US Air Force veteran with over 45 years of experience in various positions overseeing large scale business/military operations, maintenance and logistics contracts, facility operations, supply chain management, to include expertise with human resources, security, contracting, finance, and procurement.

Mr. Reyes is an expert in total management approach comprising full spectrum production/operations/sales management, visible supply/stock management, effective manpower utilization, and precise commodity record keeping and reporting responsibilities.

As and expert in development, implementation, and evaluating policies/procedures according to technical, corporate, local/federal laws and regulations, he applies and enforces federal acquisition regulations (FAR), and export/import regulations.

He is quality driven affording a wide range of process improvement initiatives and techniques, mandating standardized root-cause analysis processes, and exacting corrective action approaches to guarantee compliance with client, technical, and safety requirements.


 Mario 'Marty' Reyes
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