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Greg Duncan

Program Director

Captain Duncan has 35 years leading law enforcement programs, operations, disaster response, stakeholder engagement programs, and most recently as the lead military diplomat in one of the most complex areas of the world.

He has worked in public policy and corporate and government governance. He manages federal contingency response, critical infrastructure and personnel protection, video surveillance, radio communications, access control systems, commerce-transportation and video analytics planning.

Captain Duncan is a port security subject matter expert, he manages the implementation and enforcement of hazards and cyber security related executive orders, Acts, regulations, laws, and CG policy supporting the safety and security of ports and waterways.

At the US Pacific Command, Joint Ops Staff (J35), he managed programs within the area of responsibility of Future Operation for Joint Special Operations Command in Asia-Pacific region (55% of the world). As a Senior Reserve Officer with the Response Department, he managed a program of 90+ federal law enforcement and incident management personnel. He was a member of command staff responsible for protection of navigable waterways, personnel, critical infrastructure, and vessels from intentional destruction, loss or damage.

As Contingency Planning Officer (for 65% of the CG operational area), he maintained plans for emergent missions, homeland security operations, military out-loads, continuity of operations, personnel investigations and incident management replenishment programs. And as the Assistant Operations Officer for the first CG Counter Terrorist unit he executed National Special Security Event (NSSE) missions with the US Secret Service.

Captain Duncan was assigned to Headquarters Port Security Directorate to the newly formed Homeland Security Operations and Tactics Directorate where he managed $11 million contact-budget, drafted plans, policy and doctrine to pursue counter terrorism (CT) capability for the Maritime environment first responders.

After 9-11 he worked on the transition team to relocate the CG into the newly formed Dept of Homeland Security and Maritime Transportation Security Act, Critical infrastructure and Maritime Security policy development team.

He developed policy and training protocols to increase security posture for the CG, maritime industry and the public. Initiated new relationships and partnerships with private industry, and federal, state, and local government agencies, and improved communication and interoperability.

He co-chaired the Underwater Port Security Work Group and added divers to the CG Maritime Safety Security Teams as well as Sonar technology; to enhance underwater security.

Captain Duncan is a Federal Law Enforcement Officer where he enforces federal laws, drug Interdiction and search and rescue missions. He leads maritime investigations (administrative and criminal) of cases involving vessels, diving casualties, and mariners’ administrative documents.

He served globally in the Naval Coastal Warfare and Harbor Defense Command community in the fully deployable operational unit. And deployed overseas as the unit Intel officer, facility security and weapons and force protection officer responsible for security and movement of equipment and personnel.


Greg Duncan
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