Cloud-based and local device tools that help you get the job done 

Situational Awareness Logistics Utilization System (SALUS)

Salus has developed the most simple and productive tools available to local, state and Federal organizations responsible for homeland security, emergency management, police, fire, and critical infrastructure.  SALUS combines multiple software platforms to bring you a cloud-based and local device system that helps you and your organization maintain situational awareness, and to better utilize logistic resources.

SALUS tools are available on desk-top and mobile app, they are extremely secure, still function when connect is lost, and can send and receive information once connection is regained.    


  • Purpose built
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Put reports, video, photos and reporting Stakeholders fingertips
  • Pre-assemble briefs with a dynamic, multi-media presentation integrated across reports, videos, photographs and websites
  • Massive amounts of documents, photos and videos
  • Machine-learning capable
  • Image recognition tools 
  • Super simple user experience
  • Super simple user permission management
  • Highly secure
  • Brief stakeholders with professional look and simplicity
  • Situational awareness by all
  • Coordinated, effective and efficient effort
  • More time spent on real work
  • No need for additional personnel
  • Quick assistance, quick solutions
  • Money and effort saved can be spent elsewhere