First Responders handle mental health situations every day. National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 60% of mental health conditions do not receive treatment, 40 million have anxiety, and 16 million live with major depression.

The National Council for Behavioral Health reports 1 in 4 fatal encounters with First Responders involve persons with mental illness.

Salus conducts research and develops programs for law enforcement, fire, EMS, airports, FEMA, TSA, other Federal agencies, and organizations that work with the public.

Our researchers, clinicians, doctors, social workers, police, fireman, operators, and other emergency services professionals develop guidance and tools, policy and training for use in the US and around the world.

Our team members wrote the book on disaster and crisis assessment and management that is now used by Federal, State, and local agencies.  

Automated assessment and recommendation tools can be customized for your specific application.

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Mental Health Crisis Management